Contacting a Debt Collector

by Skyhigh
(Chambersburg, PA)

I am trying to contact Metropolitan Educational Enterprises Inc. because on my credit report it has me as owing them $1200. I got three numbers to call but all of them are disconnected. I've sent them letters and haven't received anything in return. I went to BBB and they are not even accredited with them. How do I get a hold of them to pay off whatever I owe and clear up my credit?? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Dec 19, 2011
Contacting a Debt Collector

My resources show that the company you write about is not a debt collection agency but rather, that it sells educational material. Therefore, you are not protected by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which only applies to outside, or third party, debt collectors. However, you may have been contacted by someone who is an employee of the company and works in its internal collections department. In that case, you are protected by your state's own debt collection law.

I recommend therefore, that you contact an attorney who is familiar with your state's law to get advice about what to do and to find out if you have any legal recourse against Metropolitan Educational Enterprises Inc.. Go here to schedule free consultation with a consumer law attorney.

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