Consumer Debt Rights in Arizona

(GIlbert, Az)

Just wondering what type of consumer protection rights are available in Arizona. About 14 months ago we defaulted on all our credit cards and returned a vehicle to the bank, as a result of economic hardship. My husband was an owner-operator and was directly impact by the current economic recession so he had to shut down. Credit cards were pretty much used for running his business and when it failed we could no longer pay. We both work part-time but do not even make enough to support our family. Credit card companies have since charged off the accounts but now debt collectors and lawyers are contacting us. We were even served a court summons by lawyers who state they are representing one of our creditors. Although we would love to be able to negotiate a payment plan with them, I really don't see it possible and I don't want a judgment. What can we do?


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Jan 06, 2010
how to handle debts
by: Gerri

Please make an appointment right away with a bankruptcy attorney. If you have attorneys breathing down your neck you need legal advice. Your attorney can explain what the creditors can and cannot do to you, and can also give you advice if you decide not to file. The consultation should be free but be sure to ask.

I am sure this is the last thing you want to do, but trust me, you will feel a lot better after you talk with someone. At least you will eliminate the fear of the unknown, which is probably gnawing at you right now.

Hang in there and let us know how it goes.

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