Constant calls for someone else!

by Sandy

These people- from India- are constantly calling our home, even finding my husband's cell phone number and calling it at his job site! They just called me again today, and some guy- he told me he is calling from India, gave me a long,long name-Erimanshu Kumar- and said he works for Allied Interstate out of Columbus Ohio! How much more can I take from these nuts!

They are looking for someone in LA,and we live in TX. I told him all he has to do is check the area code to know we are not in LA! This should be against the law, and especially a business being run out of India to collect debts from American citizens! My lord, how much of our personal information do these people have???? We have told them time and time again they have the wrong person(s). What a punch of idiots and PEST!!!!!

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Jan 11, 2016
many times a day
by: Anonymous karen

I am receiving calls from this number multiple times day and night. no messages left . I suspect they are looking for someone or money from who had the phone number before I got it. Thankfully have the option of blocking calls.

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