Confused Names and Social Security Numbers

by Beatriz
(Houston, TX, USA)

My mom and I have very similar names. When I do a credit report on my name some of my mom's debt appears as mine?? And the other way around too. For example, my school loans appear on mine and on hers. Now i did all the paper work for the loans and know for a fact that she had nothing to do with that loan. She did not co-sign, was not even present during the loan process!!!

At the bottom of the credit reports it shows her name and ss as other alias for me!! Its all confused?? The reason that I am asking is cause now she is trying to get a loan for a house, she was told by the bank that she has too much debt? and when we looked at it closely those loans are appearing under both of our names (not that they are behind on payments).

I guess I am just confused on how we can keep each others debt separate?

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May 31, 2011
Credit Report Mix Ups


Credit reports do get mixed up, especially among family members, and it can be challenging to straighten them out. You're going to have to start disputing the accounts that are mixed up. We recommend you:

1. Get copies of your credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies if you don't already have them.

2. Write a letter to each credit reporting agency listing exactly what's wrong.

3. Mail your letter to the credit reporting agency, return receipt requested. (We don't recommend disputing them online. Our coauthor attorney Robert Brennan has pointed out that using online dispute tools may take away some of your rights.)

4. Keep excellent records of your disputes. if this keeps happening, you may need to consult a consumer law attorney.

You can read more on our page how to dispute credit report errors. Good luck!

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