Complicated and confused

by k. SAWYER

I have been contacted non-stop from Real Time Resolutions on a debt that is in my ex-husbands name only. Real time resolutions purchased what they refer to as my ex’s “junior” loan, or second mortgage from Bank of America. I received a full HAMP modification on the first loan and before the second one was modified, it was sold to Real Time Resolutions.

To complicate things, I have the deed to the home and have been given power of attorney over my ex for real estate purposes. Real Time resolutions has been harassing me for months to pay this debt. They have threatened to foreclose on the home, sue me, garnish my wages. They have said I have a moral obligation to pay the debt if I want to stay living in the home. They out right lied to me about who they were and who they were working for. They said they were a subsidiary of Bank of American and tricked me into signing a “modification” that is WORSE than the original terms of the loan. They have phoned me after 9pm and yelled and argued with me for over 45 minutes about the debt.

My ex-husband is the ONLY signature on this loan. I have no moral or legal obligation to pay, but they insist I do if I want to stay in my home. It got so bad I had to disconnect my home phone. I have written to them twice now to get an update on the account because they have ceased sending me statements and have ignored my request for balance and updated verification of the loan.

What can I do from here? I will not pay this debt as the home is $30,000 under-water and I know they purchased the debt for pennies on the dollar. I have offered them 3 settlements and all of which they have denied. I have spoken to a real estate specialist, and I know they cannot foreclose on the 2nd as the 1st is underwater also.

If you can help, please contact me at:

My hope is to wipe the debt clean, so I can possibly get my home turned around and back upright. I live in Michigan and we have a program that would PAY them $20,000 of this debt if they participated, but they said they do not! That is assnine! Free money for almost the full amount of the debt, but its too much paperwork??

Please let me know what my recourses are in this case.

Thank you
Kathy Sawyer

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Jul 16, 2012
Complicated and confused
by: DebtCollection


I think the title of your question is quite apt title given the description of your problem. Given its complicated and confusing nature and the fact that the home you are living in is possibly at stake, I recommend that you schedule a FREE consultation with a consumer law attorney immediately. You really need expert advice from an experienced lawyer.

Good luck.

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