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A friend of mine that I share a phone plan with received a call from a credit card bank about a past due account in my name. Do they have the ability to call anyone I know and ask them about my bills even though they are not on the account or connected to my finances?

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Feb 24, 2009
privacy rights
by: Gerri

Debt collectors cannot discuss your debt with anyone except a cosigner or a spouse. They can call others to locate you, but once they've found you they shouldn't be calling other people. (There are exceptions: for example, if they have a court order to garnish your wages then they can contact your employer to arrange that.)

However, in your case you are not talking about a debt collector -- you are talking about the original creditor. And whether there are restrictions on the original creditor depends on your state's law.

In addition, the fact that you share this phone plan with your friend makes me wonder whether perhaps they are confused about whether your friend's phone number was given out by mistake. I would suggest you double check with the creditor of find out what phone number they have for you. Then also see what you can work out to catch up with the creditor. If you need more advice on your options for dealing with creditors (rather than debt collectors), you can check out my blog.

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