Collectors Coming After Me For Ex's Student Debt

by Sheryl

My ex-wife has received student loans for school. She has not paid them and now they are coming after me to collect. Is this legal?

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Did you cosign or guarantee your ex's student loans? If so, then they can definitely try to collect from you. If not, then it's very unlikely that they can. (If you were married and lived in a community property state when she took out the loan, however, then you may be responsible and you'll want to be sure to get legal advice.)

Have you asked them for documentation of the debt showing that you are responsible for the balance? If you can't get a satisfactory answer then you may want to either file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and/or talk with a consumer law attorney who has experience with student loan problems to see what they advise.

If you still are on speaking terms with your ex and these are federal student loans, you may want to tell her about the Income Based Repayment Program, which may be able to help her lower her payments and get out of default.

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