Collector Wants Us to Pay More On Medical Debt Than We Can Afford

by Peyton
(Felton PA)

We have a medical debt that amounts to $1187.65 it was $1800.00. We have been making payments of $20 to $25 dollars monthly since 2/21/2009. The collection agency is demanding the balance be paid in full or that we make a payment arrangement of 55 to 100 a month. I would love to do that but, it is not possible my husband was unemployed for 2 years and has just started working again (since April) we are doing our best to pay the 25 dollars a month.

We live in Pennsylvania.

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Dec 14, 2011
My experience
by: Jamie

I just wanted to add this. I had the same thing happen to me. The only thing that saved me, was when I sent them the check for the amount that they agreed on, I keep the check as proof that they indeed accepted it and cashed it. It got to the point to where I seeked an attorney and he wrote a letter on my behalf and added a photo copy of the check where it was accepted and cashed. I didn't hear another word from them. The only thing that was told to me, was as long as I don't miss a payment and break the arrangement that we made, they can't proceed anything further. BUT if you miss a payment and break the agreement, they can proceed with any means possible to collect. Personally bankruptcy should be your VERY last resort.

Sep 26, 2011
Collector Wants Us to Pay More On Medical Debt Than We Can Afford

I am sure that the collector is making those demands because your debt is quite old at this point and with $25/month payments it will be Some time before your medical debt is paid in full. Have you thought about trying to negotiate an arrangement with the collector that would allow you to continue making $25/month payments for a limited period of time and then higher payments once you've recovered from your husband's unemployment? I don't know if the collector would be open to such an arrangement, but it might be worth a try if you think it would be financially feasible for you. I recommend you and your husband spend time looking at your finances so you can be as specific as possible regarding the details of the arrangement when you propose it to the collector, and be sure that the collector understands the financial hardship you are recovering from and that you want to pay your debt. If you are able to work something out with the collector, be sure to get all of the details in writing before you start paying on the agreement.

If the collector rejects your proposal and continues to insist that you pay an amount you cannot afford, you may want to meet with a bankruptcy attorney if the medical debt is not the only debt you owe that is in collections or if you simply have a lot of debt because of your husband's unemployment. Depending on your situation and the nature of your debt, you might be able to wipe out most if not all of it, including the medical debt, through bankruptcy. Go here to schedulea consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

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