Collector is calling my business partner

by Carol
(Arlington, MA)

Does a collector, Nationwide Credit, have any right to call my business partner to try to reach me? This is for an American Express business card debt, approx. $5000, that I opened when I was freelancing. I'm now partner in a company, not related to my old freelance business. The partner being called works at home and is receiving calls about me. I live in Massachusetts. Calls have happened several times over the last few months. I talked with NCO months ago and asked them (verbally) to not call me at work, which is a different number than the the one they've been using at my partner's home. Do I need to remind them that my business is not related to the American Express business card I had and was not used for purchases in my current business?

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Jul 03, 2010
debt collector calling business partner
by: Mary & Gerri


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits the action you've described, but unfortunately it does not apply to business debts. We would encourage you to contact a consumer law attorney to find out whether there are other laws that may apply to your situation.

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