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As of 2013 I've been declared disabled. I have medical bills in collection due to me being hospitalized in 2013. I also have a judgement against. I can't pay either. What action should or could I take?

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We're sorry to hear you're struggling. Anytime someone has a judgement and collections against them but they can't afford to pay, we encourage them to at least talk with a bankruptcy attorney. It may be that because of your financial situation there's not a lot the judgment creditor or collectors can do to force you to pay, but it's really helpful to hear that from an attorney. Some bankruptcy attorneys offer a a free initial evaluation. If it turns out they can try to seize your bank accounts or other assets, for example, you'll be glad you talked with the attorney first.

Similarly, most collectors have to get a judgment against you before they can take more aggressive action. If you've met with the attorney and learned they can't do much to collect, then you may want to send them a certified letter asking them not to contact you again. You can read our information about sending cease and desist letter to stop a debt collector.

We hope things turn around for you.

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