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If a collection agency has filed a suit against a person and it goes to court, if the collection agency that filed does not show up for the court hearing should they be entitled to file again?

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Aug 16, 2012

Trina: I am not sure how to answer your question because you did not provide me with much information. Whether or not the collector gets another day in court could depend on why it did not show up the first time. If you want a more definitive answer to your question, I recommend that you call the clerk's office for the court or talk with a consumer law attorney who helps consumers resolve their debt collection problems. Your initial appointment should be free.

Mar 10, 2015
Paying on collection account but amount goes up
by: Anonymous

what should I do if I am paying on a debt that a lawyer has been collecting an agreed payment monthly but he instead increases the balance of the debt. Now the original debt has gone up about 3 times.

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It is often legal for collectors to charge interest and sometimes fee for an unpaid debt. Did you ever discuss with them what the interest rate and/or fees on your balance will be? If not, we suggest you do that and ask for it in writing.

You don't mention how large the debt is or how much you are paying but if you can't afford to pay it in full based on your payments and the interest/fees they are charging in 36 months or less, it may make sense to talk with a consumer law attorney. Otherwise you could find yourself paying and paying and never paying it off.

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