Collection on Credit Report

by Terri
(Charleston SC)

I have a medical bill that was forwarded to West Asset Management (collection agency). I sent a letter advising them I was dealing with the medical provider directly and not to contact me again.

I have since been dealing with the med provider, have made payments directly to them which they have cashed, however West Asset has listed it at the credit bureau as a "collection".

What can we do? We have excellent credit. The medical bill is due to cancer and the provider was paid substantially by health insurance. The balance left is what health insurance did not pay.

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Jan 06, 2010
Medical collection account on credit report
by: Gerri

The medical provider placed the account for collection originally, so I would encourage you to talk with them and ask them to notify the collector that you are working with them directly. If they aren't willing to do that (they should be) ask for a letter on letterhead that you can provide to the collection agency indicating what's going on.

Once you have proof for the collection agency that they are no longer involved in collecting the debt, then you can write to the collector disputing the item on your credit report.

Be sure to keep copies of your credit reports, letters, etc. for your files. If this doesn't work, let us know by commenting here.

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