Collection On A Minor Child

by Mr Stone

Where does it say that we can't collect on a minor child? Can you provide me with the fdcpa code.
Thank you

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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not specifically address debt collection and minors. But minors can't legally enter into contracts so it isn't relevant.

From your question it sounds like you are a debt collector. We are not attorneys and can't offer legal advice. You should be talking with your attorney to make sure you are complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as state and federal laws regarding collection. If you break the FDCPA you could be sued for damages and forced to pay the plaintiff's attorney fees as well.

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Aug 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

It is against the law to attempt collection on Minor children.

Nov 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

You can sue the parents for the monetary value of damage (i.e., vandalism) done by their children in this state, but it will still be the parents, not the child, that will owe the money.

Minors can not enter into contracts in their own right. Any debt they do owe would have to have an adult on the account. The adult would be the one legally responsible. You can not sue a minor for an adult's debt.

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