Collection of credit card debt

(Sussex County NJ)

I have been unemployed for almost six years. I used my Bank of America credit card to live, eat, buy gas. It reached $10,000 +/- and now with penalties and interest is $15,000 +/-. Collectors harassed me constantly. Two years ago I signed a consent judgment to pay $50 per month. I stopped paying the $50 per month because I do not have it. Eight months ago, when I had $250 in my checking account, the collection agency took it. I keep less than $25 in my account now.

I am a single woman, almost 62. I own nothing. I live with my son and his family. I exchange room and board for childcare. I am and have been looking for work but having no vehicle makes it difficult.

I have had no correspondence from the collector for many months now.

My question: Is it possible the debt could have been "written off"? My friend told me that credit card companies have insurance for cases that are impossible to collect. If this happens or happened, would the judgment be lifted from my credit report? Do they just give up?

I am considering bankruptcy, if I can even afford that. But if the judgment is lifted, I would not.

Also, if I find a job and start working, can my creditor find my place of employment from a W4 or any other means? Can they find me?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Aug 13, 2012
Collection of credit card debt
by: DebtCollection

I am so sorry to hear about your problems. You are certainly going through a difficult time.

First, it's possible that your BAC debt has been written off, especially given that it was turned over to a collection agency; however, that does not mean that the agency won't continue trying to collect what you owe. Also, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act says that a court judgment remains in your credit history for 7 years from the date that the judgment is entered so the fact that your debt may have been written off has no bearing on how long the information stays there.

If I were you I would definitely explore the possibility of bankruptcy. It would help you resolve your debt problem once and for all. Go here to schedule a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney. The attorney will look at your financial situation and tell you whether you are a good candidate for bankruptcy and answer all of your questions about your situation and about what bankruptcy would and would not do for you. You should also read this how to file for bankruptcy to learn more about the bankruptcy process.

As for whether a creditor might find you if you began working again, the answer is probably, sooner or later. Your best option is to try to resolve your financial problems once and for all through bankruptcy.

Apr 10, 2015
Credit card debt & Judgement
by: Anonymous

How do we respond in legal terms our answer to the Judgment? I am on social security & a small pension.

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It sounds like you may be eligible for help from Legal Aid. Have you contacted them? You will find information about how to contact them here: Get free legal advice about debt collection here.

Nov 11, 2015
Sued for credit card what can they do?
by: Anonymous

I live in ga have been sued by credit card companies what is the most they can do? I draw Social Security.

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It's hard to say because we don't know your entire financial picture. Generally, Social Security income should be safe but if you have other assets it's possible they can try to collect from those. Have you thought about at least getting an a free initial evaluation with a bankruptcy attorney to find out what they can and cannot do if they get a judgment, and what your options are?

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