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Oct 28, 2014
student loans in default
by: mike p

2002 I was attending a college in my home town and received two G.S.L.'s from a local bank which required me to open a checking and savings account with them and then they supplied me with a $250.00 line of credit which I never applied for. I was a victim of Identity theft and had almost $4,000 stolen from my checking account because someone had stolen a book of checks from my home and was writing fraudulent checks all over town. I had reported the checks stolen when I found out to the bank, but the bank continued to process them even though they were reported stolen. and charge me twice for SNF fees on multiple checks till my account was negative from the bank taking all my money. Then 3 years later the District Attorney did an investigation because they were going to charge me with theft by check until they learned I reported them stolen and the bank continued to process them and take money from me until the account had no more money and the bank closed it. when the investigators compared my signature with those on the checks and it didn't match the DA's office dropped all charges. Then I became 100% disabled and started to receive SSDI in 2003 until present. When I was given the loans I was informed that If I ever became 100% disabled I would have these loans discharged and didn't have to repay them as they would be forgiven.

Numerous times over the last 5 years I have informed the creditors that I am and have been on SSDI and I was told these loans would be forgiven.

Ha Ha Ha Ha what a lie no forgiveness has ever happened and it they just add more interest and carry over to the next year. I will get a request to make payment only once a year from NCO and it will include a balance sheet showing accumulated interest.

Personally I think its all a scam show they can carry a negative on the balance sheet,

Oct 15, 2013
received a letter from NCO about a debt....
by: A waste of my time!!!

I have no debts! I wrote back asking to show me the bill on what I supposedly owed. I received a letter from them stating that "my account number"cornea is closed in their office and has not reported "my account" to a credit bureau....and that I should contact Fedex Techconnect in Memphis, Tenn. I don't owe Fedex Techconnect or anyone else. I pay my bills each and every month in full. Scam?????

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NCO is a large collection agency so I wouldn't ignore this. Have you checked your credit reports to see if this is on there? You can get yours for free at

We'd suggest you either get a free consultation with a consumer law attorney or file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

But don't just ignore it.

Nov 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

they calls me everyday ,i keep telling nco ,i don't have any money to pay and old credit card bill ,i only working parttime to live off on.they calls me while i'm sleeping at night and then they mailed me an letter like they going to sued me and wants me to pay a 171.00 dollar credit card bill is actually only 1,0860.00. i don't have the money.i only worked at a 7.25 hour job working only 25 hours a week why come they lie to act like they is the government to give me 9,200 dollars in grant money added to my account at the bank asking for my route and account number they needs to be stop lying like they are goverment paying me grant money please help.

Jan 13, 2012
bell collection
by: jim austin

for your information i am not jimmie my legal name is jimmy for starters ,secondly i have not had a bell phone for at least 10 years as i have a company phone,so if someone has used my name that is not my problem. thirdly i am presently going through bankruptcy so if you still think i am going to put up with collection bullshit you are badly mistaken and i will be in touch with a lawyer if this continues.fourthly i am presently a customer of bell express vu and one more notice or any style of harassment on your behalf will be the reason i would give to disconnect my tv satellite as well.

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Jim - We want to make sure you understand that we are NOT the collection agency. We are an educational site to help consumers understand their rights when dealing with debt collectors.

Aug 21, 2011
Are they kidding??!!
by: Sil

First, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Debt Collection Answers! You helped me IMMENSELY! My siblings & I are no longer getting threatening phone calls or intimidating letters regarding the credit card debts our Dad left when he passed away suddenly. I still get a letter now & then offering to 'lower' the debt in half but I remembered your words of wisdom with regards to that!

Second of all....DO THESE PEOPLE READ? I don't mean to be cruel but I'm not sure WHY they think you are the 'enemy'. I suppose they are so overwhelmed (as I was) and they are not reading exactly who you are. Again, you are an AWESOME site!! Hopefully, those who contact you will take the time to find out who you are, what you do and ask for the help they obviously need!!

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Thank you so much for your kind words! It makes what we do worthwhile. Thanks so much for returning to share this with us.

Aug 21, 2011
Collection Letter From NCO

There is no way that I can answer your question without some details about your problem. Feel free to write back to explain what your issue is.

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