collection from granddaughters utility bill

My granddaughter use my Scial Security number to open electric account but used her name and my social and now the account is delinquent. Will it go on my credit?

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May 18, 2010
debt from your granddaughter
by: Gerri

Unfortunately, you may find your credit damaged due to your granddaughter's actions. Your granddaughter committed identity theft when she used your SSN to apply for utility services. This is quite serious.

You have one of two choices. You could file a police report which would get you off the hook but of course have some repercussions for your granddaughter, or you could try to work with utility company to resolve it. They probably would be willing to not reported if you take care of it. However, my concern is if you go this route that nothing will stop her from using your information to apply for credit or other services in the future.

It is very difficult to get out of a debt that was due to identity theft if you're not willing to report the perpetrator.

At a minimum, you may want to review your credit scores and monitor your credit reports so you will hopefully be alerted if she tries this somewhere else.

Good luck with this. I know it's not an easy situation.

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