Collection for Veterinarian bill

by Rob

My friend has received collection papers for a veterinarian bill that she has nothing to do with. Her family had three dogs and one time they all escaped the house and got hit by a car. Some of her family members (not her) then took the dogs to the vet to get them looked at. Those family members obviously didn't pay the bill and now the collection agency is after her even though she didn't take them to the vet or sign anything when they were taken there. She believes that her name came up for the dogs because she took at least one of the dogs to get their shots one time (which she paid for) before the accident happened. She also believes that the dogs weren't registered under her name either. So she is wondering how she can get this off her name and credit, if at all possible? Can someone even bill her for that?

It's already late in the process because she was due in court last month which she didn't attend.

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Dec 18, 2012
Collection for Veterinarian bill
by: Debtcollectionanswers

If a lawsuit has been filed against your friend for the unpaid vet bill, I recommend that she meet with an attorney in her area who handles debt collection problems in her area. If she failed to show up for a court hearing, the court is likely to have awarded a default judgment against her, which would give the vet the right to collect the money it is owed by garnishing her wages, taking money out of her bank account and/or putting liens on her assets.

Although I understand that your friend did not take her injured dogs to the vet's after they were hit by a car, from an ethical/moral perspective, I believe she should have paid for their care. After all, the dogs are hers! I don't understand how your friend could possibly believe that her relatives should foot bill. She certainly has an odd way of demonstrating her appreciation for the care her dogs received.

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