Collection Calls But No Company Listed

by Michael

Getting the true down to earth. Facts. They, NCO Fianacial, sends letters of collections. And randomly I receive telephone automated calls. They send these letters of collections. For more than nine hundred dollars. Without any institution's namesake, whatsoever.

I am guessing that this could be. The Orchard Bank, of Iowa. Sioux City. I had cancelled the account. Directly after I received the terms & conditions. About the directives of this bank's accounting practices.

Truly, I believe that this is about scamming me, out of UNDUE money & NOT OWED,...!!!! I receive my monthly credit bureau's reporting. Without any derogatory files, to date.

The statements NCO Financial sends me. Is usually after I see the 1-877-number. Free call, reported on caller ID.

It seems one to two weeks later. I receive these nonsensical reports, for collection. With any financial institution, being named as the prime lender. Other than NCO.

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Apr 01, 2014
Now it starts
by: Anonymous

Just started receiving calls from NCO about collection etc. I know I don't owe, so they can write, call, bring pitch forks and torches, THEY will be sued.

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