Collection Agency sent appeal to old address

by Ted
(Mesa, Arizona)

I just recently found out that a debt collection agency in Pennsylvania received a default judgement against me in 2007. I was not living in PA at the time and was in Arizona. The collection agency had knowledge of my address and I received paperwork from a Magistrate about a court date and when I replied and explained my situation and new address the District Magistrate dismissed my case.

The collection agency then filed for an appeal with Allegheny County Court system and attempted to deliver the documents to my old Pennsylvania address. I did not receive the notice of being sued and only found out recently that a judgment was placed against me for about $10,000.

I feel as though the collection agency used tactics to get a default judgment placed because the original documents were sent to my Arizona address. I don't understand how someone can sue me in Pennsylvania when I live 2200 miles away. Wouldn't they need to sue me in Arizona? This was for an old credit card debt.

What steps can I take to have the judgement removed and do I have to have an attorney in order to process this for me?

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Getting a judgment vacated is not a simple process, especially when you are dealing with a court in another state. We're going to have to recommend you consult with a consumer law attorney. Visit to find one. (Start with one in your area - they may have to refer you to another in the right jurisdiction.)

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