Collection Agency Keeps Selling a Debt that Is Not Mine

by Sharon
(lauderdale, ms)

my husb & father-in-law have the same first & last name. we keep getting harrassed for a bill that is my father-in-laws. we have proved it each time with each new collection agency that has bought the acct. it is now over 10 yrs old! so it is past the statue of limitations, & we found it on his credit report again. I got a letter saying it will be removed. they sent it to our house & then a couple of weeks later, he received a letter sent to his work! this is beyond annoying! we live in different states. the ss & dob does not match. the bill is over 10 yrs old. & they have no business sending anything to my husbands work. Every time we think this is straight, they sell the bill to another agency who starts it all over again!!! When I called & asked simple questions, of how they got my husbands work & address & how old the bill is, I of course got the answers, it is not illegal to send a letter to his work & since the bill is not his we can not reveal any information, (how old the bill is) useing the privacy act law. then they end the conversation quickly & basically hangup on me!

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Aug 04, 2011
Collection Agency Keeps Selling a Debt that Is Not Mine

Your situation sounds very frustrating, Sharon! Given the nature of your problem I think you should contact a consumer law attorney in your area who helps consumers resolve debt collection problems. You may have a case against the collection agency, and if so, you may not even have to pay the attorney. (The collection agency will have to pay.)

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Good luck!

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