Collection agency disappeared - who do I pay?

by Diane
(Orlando, Florida)

I owned a credit card account with State Employee Credit Union. The account went into collections and eventually sold to Fifth Third Bank. I was paying 50.00 dollars each month debited from my checking account to Signature Performance Tiburon LLC collection agency for Fifth Third Bank for almost two years.

Several months ago the payments stopped because my account is now no longer serviced with this collection agency. I called Fifth Third Bank and they have no record of me or my account. What should I do? Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Diane

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That's a tough one. There currently is no central repository of charged off debt. The first thing we'd suggest is to call Tiburon and ask them who they sold the debt to. If they don't know, try checking your credit reports. The new agency may park the debt there even if they aren't actively trying to collect. If it's not on your credit reports you'll have to sit tight and wait until you hear from a new collection agency, or until it shows up on your credit reports. (You could also try to see if it's in their system.) In the meantime, make sure you familiarize yourself with the statute of limitations in your state as they could expire in the meantime.

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