Collection Agency Calling Neighbors

by The Hunted

I have a beastly collection agency that just recently called my neighbor and asked if she knew me, and to let me know they called her, and it was urgent for me to call them back. Is this legal?

I don't even know this neighbor, and needless to say it was quite embarrassing. They have used very aggressive tactics, and violated many times phone calls prior to 8 AM on Sundays, Holidays, late night.

Since November 2008 the have called me everyday, 3 times, usually 6. We settled, and I sent them $6500.00 the first time they contacted me back in November, and was to $1500 in December. I contacted them, and explained of my hardship at the time, and I would be sending this when I could. So for $1500 they have harassed me for 6 months, and well over 500 phone calls.

Because I did not send the balance $1500 in 30 days, they claim the settlement is now void, and I owe the full $14,000 that was the original debt. The $6500 is now just considered a payment towards that amount, and the settlement is void.

Whatcha think about those apples?

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May 09, 2009
Rotten apples indeed!
by: Gerri

As we explain in Chapter 1 of our ebook, Debt Collection Answers, debt collectors cannot discuss your debt with anyone except a cosigner or a spouse. They can call others to locate you, but once they've found you they shouldn't be calling other people. And they certainly shouldn't be telling your neighbors they are trying to collect a debt.

The whole situation sounds rotten. I'd recommend you talk with a consumer law attorney. If you live in California, be sure to contact our coauthor of the California edition Robert Brennan at

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