Collection Account Payment, Money Order Or Debit Card?

by danny

Do I have to pay with my debit card, can they make me use a card? or can I send them money orders?

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We don't recommend you ever give a debt collector your bank account number or your debit card number. That's like giving them the keys to the safe!

One alternative could be to get a prepaid card. You can load the money you will pay the collector on that account and then close it once you've paid them. Another option would be a cashier's check from your bank. Or if your bank offers online bill pay, that can be another option since they will send a check without your personal account information. (Money orders are difficult to trace, or to prove who cashed them which is why they aren't at the top of the list.)

Whatever you do, don't pay a dime until you have something in writing from them spelling the terms or your agreement out in full.

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