Collecting on Debt

by Lola
(Hackensack NJ)

I have an Order from the Family Part in New Jersey against my ex-husband for $3,000. The guy won't pay the money. I know where he banks, where he works and how much money he makes. He also owns a home. What is the procedure for turning that Order into a judgment and levying on his bank account or garnishing his wages and placing a lien on the home? I've read all the information NJ Courts on line has but its very confusing and I can't figure it all out. I would like to do this myself as the money is needed to pay for my son's dental work and I just can't afford an attorney.

Thank you!

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Jun 22, 2010
your debt problem
by: Gerri and Mary

I am sorry Lola but this is not our area of expertise. We focus on consumers who are being contacted by debt collectors.

This is probably an obvious suggestion - but have you looked into small claims court? The amount certainly sounds small enough to take your ex to small claims court, at least in most states. has some very good information on small claims court.

Good luck!

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