Civil Judgement Levy Against My Bank Acct

by jacqueline
(york pa )

I have a civil judgement from Asset Acceptance when I called the attorney it rerouted me to midland company they said my acct was with Dell now I haven't paid them since 2004 or 2005 is it legal for them to sue me I'm in pa I thought limit of situations ran out please help me they said I can't do anything til nov 13 when I bank says them a letter saying I have no money in there they want me to make payments it's for 2600 but original debt was maybe 1000.00.

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Jaqueline - Do you know when the obtained the judgment? It's hard to say whether they acted illegally or not since it's not clear when you were sued for this debt. Normally at a debt this old would likely be statute of limitations. But in many cases, you have to raise the statute of limitations as a defense against the debt collection lawsuit, and it sounds like it's past that point.

We would encourage you to talk with a consumer law attorney. A bankruptcy attorney could help you understand your options, or you may be eligible for help from Legal Aid. Please try to talk with one. Judgments can last for 10 - 20 years in most states, and if you don't figure out a plan your bank account could be at risk for years to come. Find out how to get free or low-cost help with your debt collection problems here

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Oct 31, 2015
by: jackie

It was just served to me oct 8th to my bank i wouldn't know about it til my bank sent me a letter and the judgement. Just got a certified letter oct 28th at post office. Someone told me to just make arrangements to pay monthly cause it will not go away til it's paid off since it's a judgement and writ excuit.

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It's true that judgments can last a long time - 10 to 20 years in most states. And in many cases interest can accrue on judgments so the amount may actually grow. Before you start making payments, figure out what you can realistically afford and how long it will take you to pay it off if you pay that much. (Also check whether interest will be charged and how much.) If you can't afford to pay it back in a reasonable period of time you may be better off talking to a bankruptcy attorney to see whether you should try to wipe out the judgment in bankruptcy. We encourage you to read our ebook so you can understand your options. You can get it for free here.

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