Chiropractor Bill Went Too Far

by kevin
(fairborn ohio greene county)

Hi, in 2008, I injured my back with the company I was working for then. They sent me through different procedures and finally to this one chiropractor. Without knowing it, the chiropractor went beyond what was approved and when I finally became a patient with them after my workman's comp ran out, they submitted the unapproved workman's comp bills to my insurance.

Had I known the procedures were not approved, I would never have gone so often. Now, they have turned me over to a debt collector and want all the money at once. My wife and I are both teachers and cannot afford to pay this all at once. I did not believe I should be accountable for this unexplained bill, but tried to work with them. Am I accountable for this?

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Kevin - this is a tough call. There are some medical providers who will try to take advantage of workman's comp or personal injury cases to get as much money as possible. We're not saying this happened in your case, but it definitely does happen.

It's surprising, though, that the chiropractor is being this tough about it. They are probably a small business and trying to make it in a tough economy as many people are.

If you are willing to go in and talk to the chiropractor in person to try to resolve this, that might be your best bet. Be polite but firm in stating that you weren't warned you could end up with a bill this large, or that it would damage your credit.

If he or she refuses to see you or work something reasonable out, you could tell them them you are going to file a complaint with their state licensing agency, the Better Business Bureau etc. Our guess is they won't want it to go that far.

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