Checking acct frozen

by Laura

We r being sued by a bank for a land investment we made several yrs back, we did get the judgement against us and we did make our appearance in court. Under the advisement of the judge (after we admitted we did owe the money but did not have it to pay off our investment) to try to work with and disclose all Information to the Plaintiff.

We had been very compliant and did all that was asked of us..we offered to make monthly payments but the bank was not willing to work with us and the last correspondence via email with their attorney was 9/11/12.

We just discovered today that they had frozen our household checking acct where we pay all our bills from. My husband had disclosed that he is the head of the household and we have a young son at home with us.

We r also in the beginning process of filing bankruptcy.

Is there anything we can do to un-freeze our checking acct so we can at least pay pur bills... Mortgage,electric,water etc

We had never received any other correspondence or FINAL judgement even though it is registered in public records.

Thank You for any info u can provide us with,

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This is really a question for your bankruptcy attorney. We hope you are working with a consumer bankruptcy attorney and not trying to file on your own or with the help of a document preparation service.

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