My friend passed away from cancer last month. I signed for a car in my name for her because her last car was in her and her husband's name and he came and took the car when she was sick with breast cancer and needed the car to get to chemothrapy...they had separated and weren't living together. He did not pay the car payment because he was using drugs and she wouldn't pay it because she couldn't use it. She signed a letter stating that she was making the car payment. Do I have the legal right to make a claim against her estate?

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Jul 17, 2012
CAR transfer

If you signed for the car, then you are legally obligated to make the payments on the vehicle and the company that financed the vehicle is entitled to come after you for the debt if you do not make the payments. Most likely it would repossess the car. Either way, not making the car payments will badly damage your credit.

If your name is on the title to the car, you can give the car back to the lender. The lender will sell it and apply the sale proceeds to the outstanding loan. If any balance remains on the loan, it is entitled to look to you for payment.

Based on the information in your question, I do not think you have any legitimate reason to file a claim against your deceased friend's estate. However, I am not a probate law attorney so if you want a definitive answer, I recommend you speak with one in your area.

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