Car Reposession

by Anonymous
(Orlando, FL)

My car recently got reposessed. I have not yet received a letter saying how much my deficiency is. I need another car but I'm concerned that if I have a car in my name they will be able to reposess that car as well to oay my deifciency.
The car inb question was a lease to own with the full amount being 21,000. In total I have paid about 16,000 towards the price of the car, but the payoff amount is still 11,500. SO I'm sure that I will be liable for $3-4,000 after the sale. I don't know what kind of terrible deal the car dealer who put me in this car did, but I got royally screwed. Is there any way to argue about this unfair deal, when they send me a bill for the deficiency?

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