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My ex and I are cosigners on a van he uses for his business. He has roughly four or five insurance companies he works for, and a local newspaper as an independent contractor. He has ample income. I have not job whatsoever; and am still waiting for a settlement on my workers comp matter. I got a call from the creditor stating that the payment was 20 days late; and that I need to pay because they can't contact him. I told them my story; and the fact that he hid all monetary assets at the onset of the divorce. They kept telling me that my credit score will be affected if I don't pay this. Then the creditor began to "snicker" and said "oh, I'm not laughing at you." Up until now, the creditors never had my email address; nor my current phone number. Obviously my ex must have given this information to them; with possible intents to have them work with me instead. My son and I have just a year and a half to find a job and place to live; while my ex has all of these things and more! Please help with any advice.

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May 05, 2010
calls about auto loan
by: Gerri

I'm speechless. Let me get this straight - your ex needs this van for work and he's sending the creditor after you to pay?

Because you're a cosigner, late payments will affect your credit, too, unfortunately. However, he stands to lose a lot more than you if the payments are not made.

If I were you, I would probably call his bluff and tell the creditor to go ahead and repossess the van if they want if he doesn't pay. The fact is you don't have money to pay it, he does, and he needs it - not you.

Of course I have to warn you that your credit will suffer if he falls behind on payments, and if the van is repossessed the creditor can try to come after you as well as him for any deficiency. But again, he's the one with income, not you.

I am not sure what else I can tell you. The fact that you're a cosigner does make you legally responsible for the payments until the van is paid off. But you can only do what you can do. I Hopefully I'll get caught up before long.

May 06, 2010
Attorney Sends Threats On Billings
by: Anonymous

My divorce attorney sent the "first" bill to me for monthly payments (which were never arranged in writing; just verbally). The first bill stated "last chance." The bills following keep saying "pay more or lawsuit."

I've been paying $100 a month on my bill religiously! My attorney's office knows that my ex hid the monetary assets in my divorce; and that I don't have this money to just pay off my account with them. While my husband stole the money; they kept saying "just wait till discovery." When the discovery period came; I couldn't afford to go through with it financially.

What can I do to this attorney who keeps threatening me?

Reply from You may want to contact your local bar association for help with this dispute with your lawyer.

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