Car Loan Co-signed 13 Years Ago

by Zee
(Atlanta, GA)

I was contacted regarding a car loan for which I co-signed on for my former husband nearly 13 years ago. I live in the state of Georgia and He has since moved to another state. The car we repo'd after the same year after he was inured and could no longer work. The car was sold and I have never been contacted regarding a remaining balance following the sell of the car.

Last month I was contacted by Asset Recovery Solutions/ARS who said that I owed a balance of $975 the original balance was $450. Fees and collection charges added make the current total $975. I was informed that they didn't bother to contact my Ex.

Since I live in the state of Georgia where I lived when the car loan was made I guess they didn't bother to go after my Ex who has moved to VA. I recently purchased a home and this car does not show on my credit report.

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It sounds like the statute of limitations may have expired on this debt. If you confirm this debt is too old, you can send a cease contact letter to the collector. Of course, some collectors just sell those accounts to other collection agencies.

Be sure to also file a complaint with the and your state attorney general.

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Oct 06, 2011
wrong agency
by: Anonymous

ARS is a different company called account asset recovery services not asset recovery solutions. I have an account with them also.

Aug 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

According to our sources, the statute of limitations in GA for most consumer debts is 6 years. It sounds like that debt is too old. You can write them a cease and desist letter and complain to the FTC ( It sounds like this is a "zombie debt" and if that's the case, they may no longer be able to collect.

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