Capital One won't take settlement for debt Can we sue THEM?

by SC

We entered debt settlement in 2009 with 40K in debt. Thomassen Law Group has been wonderful in helping us settle all but two credit card debts. These are for original total of $4000 and $1000 with Capital One. They will NOT settle the debts. Granted various collection agencies now own the debt as it has changed attorney hands (with them) at least 3 times but no matter what our attorneys try to negotiate, it is never accepted. Can we take Capital One to court because they are continuing to report us as late and non paying to the 3 credit reporting agencies (I do have our current reports) and we are trying to settle the debt but they refuse. It seems they are doing it for spite to us. We were able to settle the other debts once we got served with court notices and ignored before that.
Thank you

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