Can't get paid collections off my credit

What do I do if my debts are paid but it is still on my record (Credit Report) & I cannot establish credit until it is cleared off my record (Credit Report?

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Sep 29, 2010
paid collections on credit
by: Gerri & Mary

Paying a collection account does not help your credit scores, unfortunately. Collection accounts can be reported for seven years and six months from the date you fell behind with the original creditor. That's true regardless of whether they have been paid off.

However, you can begin to rebuild your credit even though these accounts are on your credit reports. What you need to do is focus on building current positive credit references. Over time, those credit references will help to outweigh the old. And, of course, at some point the collection accounts will drop off your credit reports.

You may want to listen to our collections and credit reports podcast for more information about dealing with collection accounts on your credit reports. We also devote an entire section of our e-book to this topic.

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