Can't Catch Up With Credit Card Payments

by Julie

I have been unable to pay my credit card bills since February 2011. I was out on UNPAID Maternity leave and got behind. I was paying on time before. I called they refused to remove late payment and only stated if i didn't pay I would get another late payment due. Now they call 24/7. Help, I am trying to pay but cant b/c i cannot afford the payment and late fee.

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It sounds like a really stressful situation. Have you thought about talking with a non-profit counseling agency? They should be able to help you with some ideas for bringing your account current.

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You can listen to this podcast about how debt consolidation programs work here:

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Sep 27, 2011
by: Anonymous

Honestly, i did but some people say that doesn't help your credit it looks like you don't know how to pay your bills when u ask them to get involve. In addition, some of them try to tell you what you budget should be to achieve the task of paying them off. I know my budget. I know what i can, should and shouldn't spend. It only leaves me frustrated.

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Julie, we understand it may be frustrating to have to get help with your credit card debts. But what's the better alternative? To struggle indefinitely and never see the light at the end of the tunnel? Sometimes it's helpful to get some objective advice from someone who is used to helping people through situations like yours.

As for your credit reports, that really shouldn't be your top concern here. Late payments and high balances are much worse for your credit in the long run than going into a Debt Management Program. And you can always listen to what they propose and decide whether or not it will work for you - the initial consultation will be free and confidential and won't have any impact on your credit.

However, you may find that the program the counseling agency proposes won't offer you enough relief. If that's the case, we recommend you listen to our debt settlement podcast which talks about negotiating with creditors.

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