Can water company add a old bill from another address to my service?

by Ruben
(Fresno Ca)

Long story I'll try to make it short I meet my friend in 2008 , she was going through a divorce, she notified company she had moved out, company removed her name from water bill that was in hers and her husbands. In 2010 I believe it was I used her mothers address as she did as well for job applications and resumes, in Jan of 2013 we became roommates and rented the house her mother previously rented, we were both on rental agreement, I went to put water in my name since I was the one going to pay that bill,there days later I came home to no water service and was told I now owned $2000 for bill the was in hers and husbands name as well as a bill her mother left behind because I had used address in 2010,I can understand and see the bill left in house of services but as to another couples house with a different address and not to mention she called to remove her name, can they do this they didn't even explain on bill what outstanding charges are for again utility bill is in my name only and was told she was on rental agreement she had to be on water bill as well yet she's not I've, we've gone for bout four months with no water and her children need to sleep at their fathers instead of with their mother cause there's no water....

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Jun 24, 2013
Can water company add a old bill from another address to my service?

Hi Reuben:

Your question is quite convoluted to say the least and I am not sure how to answer it to be honest. Have you contacted the utility company for an explanation of why you have no water service? If you have not, that should be your first step.

I also recommend that you contact the Califoria Public Utility Commission (PUC) to talk with them about whether or not the utility is entitled to do what it has done and about whether the PUC can help you get water service at your current home. Call 1-800-649-7570.

Good luck.

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