Can they take my tax return?

Hello. I was sued in 2008/2009 for a medical bill that was 6,000 dollars. The bill was only in my name. I was on a bill payment plan but then lost my job and couldn't make the payments. They then froze my bank accounts. I couldn't even get back some of the money since my husbands name was on the account but not on the lawsuit. I am still in default on the debt. Can they take my tax return?

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Feb 12, 2011
Can my tax return be taken to pay a judgment?

If you deposit your tax return in your bank account, you are at risk for having it taken to help pay the judgment against you. However, the medical provider with the judgment cannot take your tax refund before it goes into your account.

I do not know all of the details of your finances, but you may want to consult with a bankruptcy attorney to find out what your options are for dealing with your situation. Your initial appointment with the attorney should be free. Click here to arrange a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

Best of luck.

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