Can they take my stuff if I am married?

by francesco
(York, PA)

The Sheriff showed up to my property to conduct a levy of my belongings, and my wife denied access, they said that they will get back with and order of brake and entrance from the district judge.

My question is; the judgement is again me not my wife and according with the common law in PA ,everything in the house belong to both not only me, can they take our belongings anyways? Also to protect my automobiles if I transfer them to an LLC will protect them?

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You need to talk with an attorney to find out what property is safe from the creditor and what is at risk. The fact that you own some of these things jointly with your wife does not necessarily mean they are off limits. In addition, we don't recommend you try to transfer property to an LLC to protect it without first getting legal advice. That could be considered fraudulent.

Read: Exemptions - What can I keep? Exempt property

We would suggest you consult with a bankruptcy attorney who may be able to help you figure out how to keep your stuff, or at least minimize the property you must forfeit.

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