can they garnish my son's bank account?

by charla

A credit card company has threatened a judgment against me. If they get that, can they garnish my 19 yr old son's bank account?

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Jul 30, 2012
can they garnish my son's bank account?

If you owe the debt and the credit card company sues you for the money and wins a judgment against you, it can go after your assets, not your son's.

May 19, 2013
two owners of car
by: Anonymous

If you owe a past due debt and the creditor sues you for the money and wins a judgment against you it can get permission from the court to collect on the judgment amount by taking your vehicle, assuming the loan on the vehicle has been paid off.

a collection agency is threatn to take a car that is in both our name fr a debt i owen along can they legally take the car

Jul 13, 2014
by: Vnvet69-70

How much money & how long do you have to owe the IRS before they garnish wages or levy a back account?

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If you owe back taxes and can't afford to pay them, we'd really encourage you to talk with a tax professional or attorney who specializes in helping people resolve back taxes. If you don't your income and assets could be at risk. Unfortunately IRS problems can compound and simply get worse.

Sep 12, 2014
can they garnish my pay on my ex husband debt
by: Anonymous

I was a guarantor on my ex husband car loan and now the car was taken away from him by the dealership. The company then sued him and since I'm the guarantor the company garnishes it on my pay. How can I stop them to do this. My ex husband is working why can't they garnishes it to his pay.

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Unfortunately, when you are a cosigner on an account you are legally responsible for the full amount. We don't know why they aren't trying to collect for your ex. But it is not necessarily illegal from them to try to collect from you.

However if they didn't sue you and get a judgment against you then it is possible they shouldn't be garnishing your wages. If you were not sued yourself and/or there is not a judgment against you then it would be wise for you to talk with a consumer bankruptcy attorney.

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