Can the State hold your refund because of hospital bills?

by Deborah
(Muskogee, Oklahoma U.S.)

In 2006 my Husband had to be hospitalized. My husband is Cherokee and goes to the Indian hospital which medical care... is free. The Indian hospital wanted him to have more tests done and sent him to a Community hospital in Tulsa. This is normal procedure for the Indian hospital. This year 2012 we were expecting our State refund and received a notice from the State of Okla. that we would not be receiving our refund because we owe a debt. Our debt being the hospital that the Indian hospital sent him to. It's a known fact that the Indian hospital will pay for the stay in the community hospital if they send you there. My question is: Can the state keep our refund for a debt if the Indian hospital sent him there? We never received a bill at all, six years later we get our State tax held for a hospital bill that we thought the Indian hospital paid for.

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May 31, 2012
Can the State hold your refund because of hospital bills?


I am afraid I do not know anything about the rules that apply to your husband's situation. I don't know about the kinds of care Indians are entitled to and whose responsibility it is to pay for the cost of care in a "regular" if an Indian hospital sends a patient there as happened to your husband. Given your situation therefore, I strongly recommend that you schedule a FREE consultation with a consumer law attorney who is familiar with the problem you write about. The attorney you talk with should be able to tell you whether you are obligated to pay for the care; whether your state is entitled to take your refund if the care was not paid for; and if your husband's legal rights were violated in any way. Good luck!

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