Can NCO collections look at my credit report?

My question is--- I was recently contacted by this company though a verification letter and phone call. When this agency called , I informed them i have sent a response letter for them to verify this account. Then she was very snotty and tried to get me to admit to. the debt, I again informed her of my response letter and legal rights.

She then continued on to say that if I give this amount we can settle this account. She then went on to say that I have a credit score of *** and i could get a loan to pay this debt off.

In other words she was looking at my credit report over the phone. They have not responded back yet to my letter. My question is ---isn't this a violation of Federal law to pass on a SS# from the orginal creditor to this collection agency and the collection agency using it and reporting it on your credit report? It is on my credit report. I have also documented that phone call.I live ca. Thanks P

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Sep 03, 2009
Collectors and credit reports
by: Gerri

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, collectors are allowed to review your credit reports in conjunction with collecting a debt you owe.

However, some of the issues you describe - not receiving verification of the debt as requested, for example - raise some red flags. I am glad to hear you have been taking notes.

I would recommend you contact a consumer law attorney for help. Since you are in California, you are in luck. Our co-author of the California edition of Debt Collection Answers, attorney Robert Brennan, is one of the best! You can get in touch with him through his website: Brennan Law.

You may also want to visit our page about NCO Financial, one of the largest collection agencies.

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