Can My Motorcycle Be Taken Away?

by Rachel
(Moorpark, California)

Im in california-My friend's name is on the pink slip along with my name after his, his address is listed. I am filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy because I am being sued by american express. I own a car already and it is in my name. The motorcycle was bought because I had four car accidents while commuting to college (about an hour away) and actually have a disability that made driving much harder than riding a motorcycle. I have not had a job since 2007 and have a chronic pain disability, (the real kinda where I had surgery and Im stuck being treated just about once a week still till this day). Anyhow, I just graduated college. I am currently looking for work so there are no wages Im making now. Can the motorcycle, be taken away? Can my friend who's name is on the pink slip be sued as well? If riding the motorcycle is easier for me, will I be given a choice to at least give up my car instead? After the last car accident I've hardly driven anyhow, (or honestly riden; just had rides from friends).

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Sep 23, 2011
Can My Motorcycle Be Taken Away?

I am not sure what a "pink slip" is nor am I an attorney, but the questions you have asked all need to be answered by your bankruptcy attorney. I assume that you have one since you indicate that you have filed Chapter 7. If you do not, then you should meet with one right away. Bankruptcy is a complicated process and to ensure that you fully benefit from it, it's essential to get legal advice. Go here fora free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

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