Can I make a deal to pay off debt for my girlfriend?

by Daniel
(Hays, Kansas, USA)

Hello there,

My girlfriend has MS and is about $6k in debt due to medical bills. I would like to call the various agencies and work out a plan. Can I do this legally? Do i need a written statement from her to do this? Any help you could provide would be great. Thanks!

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It is great that you are helping her out here. We assume that it's too stressful for her health for her to talk with the collectors. She may need to get on the phone, though, to authorize them to negotiate with you.

Make sure you don't pay them a penny until you have a clear agreement in writing. The agreement will be between her and the creditors/collectors - you are simply funding it. Pay with a cashier's check and keep a record of the payment.

Depending on her financial circumstances, you may be able to strike a very good settlement deal for her.

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