Can I debt collector place a old collection on my credit report as new

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I have a debt from ebay from 2006 that I owed. Now a debt collector placed on my credit report as new for sept 2011. I never received a notice and I am trying to build back my credit rating. How long can they place an old debt on your credit report? Is this legal and will still be able to come off of my credit report after 2-5 yrs or could it potentially stay on for 7-10yrs?

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Yes, a collection account that originated five years ago may appear on your credit reports. But at the same time, no, the debt collector cannot report an old debt on your credit report as new.

It's important to make sure that the dates you are concerned about are correct. The debt collector should be reporting the "original date of delinquency" which determines how long that account may stay on your credit reports. Collection accounts can be reported for 7.5 years from the date you first fell behind with the original creditor.

If that date is not listed on your credit report, or if it is not clear, then contact the credit reporting agency for clarification.

If the debt collector is reporting the wrong date, dispute the item on your credit reports. (Make sure you check all three.) If it is not corrected please be sure to talk with a consumer law attorney as they may be breaking not one, but two laws.

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