Can I collect debt from ex-partner for item purchased together?

by Audrey
(Vernon, Connecticut)

My ex and I purchased together a $3,200 king bed in 2005. We separated in 2007, she paid me $250 towards my half and kept the bed. I could really use the remaining $1,350 she technically still owes me. There was no written agreement about the $250, and I took that only because she wouldn't agree to pay any more than that. I cannot locate a copy of the original purchase statement from Sleepy's, but do have a bank statement and copy of my check for my half ($1,600) paid to Sleepy's in 2005. Can I still pursue this at this point, and with rights to the full $1,350 at least?
Thank you.

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May 02, 2010
collecting from ex
by: Gerri


I'm afraid this isn't exactly my area of expertise since you're not dealing with a debt collector here. I would suggest you find out what the process is for going to small claims court if you really want to pursue this. Sorry I can't be of more help here.

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