Can Hospital Take My Home to Collect My Debt?


I am on SSI and owe a hospital bill. Can my home be seized for this debt? I live in Alabama.

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Sep 15, 2011
Can Hospital Take My Home to Collect My Debt?

The hospital is entitled to try to collect the debt that you owe, and one of the ways that it might do that is to sue you for the money. If its lawsuit is successful and the hospital wins a judgment against you, there are a number of ways that it might try to collect on the judgment, including putting a lien on your home. If there were lien on your home, you would not be able to sell the home, borrow against it or transfer it to someone else without paying off the amount of the lien first. Once the hospital had a lien on your home it could also force the sale of your home, but that rarely happens and if you are notified that the hospital intends to do that, consult with an attorney right.

Have you spoken with the hospital's billing department about the fact that you are on SSI and to find out if there are any programs that could help you with your bill? Are you covered by Medicaid? If so, that program should have paid at least some of your medical expenses. Were all of your hospital bills filed with Medicaid?

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