Can debt collector force student loan cosigner to pay?

by barb
(stillwater, oklahoma)

A debt collector called and wanted to settle on my student loan, I told them I did not have money to pay a big amount off I would have to make payments, so we settle on payments. After it was all set up my dad received a letter saying he had until Feb. 1 to make a big payment paying off the same loan I am paying on now, he co signed for me years ago, can they make him pay and me pay at the same time? Both our names are on the loan, but I am making the payments. My dad is on social security and can not afford payments.

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Jan 30, 2016
cosigned student loans

Until the debt is paid, the debt collector can try to collect from your cosigner. But just because they are trying to make him pay doesn't mean that he can pay or that they can do anything to force him to pay. I would suggest you listen to this interview about student loan default with attorney Joshua Cohen. Hopefully his information will be helpful.

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