Can creditor take roommate's furniture to satisfy judgment?

by Robert

I have a judgement against me for $10,000 owed to credit card companies. I share a house with a family member who purchased all the furniture. Can there be a levy against the furniture purchased by my house mate to pay off MY credit card debt? In other words, can the Sheriff remove the house mate's furniture in order to auction it off? This is in Pennsylvania.

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Mar 15, 2011
Can creditor take roommate's furniture to satisfy judgment?
by: DebtCollection

The creditor with the judgment against you can only go after YOUR assets to try to satisfy the judgment, not your relative's assets. Even though you live together, your relative has nothing to do with your past due debt or with the judgment. Therefore, his or her assets are safe.

It would be a different story however, if your relative had co-signed for the debt that was the subject of the lawsuit, the creditor had sued both of you for the money and had won a judgment against each of you. Then your relative's furniture would be at risk. However, based on what you wrote in your question, this does not appear to be what has happened.

If you own assets that could be at risk if the creditor with the judgment tries to enforce the judgment, I recommend you talk with a bankruptcy attorney immediately about what your options are. Click here for a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney.

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