Can credit card companies sue me?

i get a widow check, my husband was in the air force. can credit card compsnies sue me ?

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Oct 25, 2011
Can credit card companies sue me?

If you have fallen behind on your credit cards, the credit card companies to whom you owe money are legally entitled to sue you. The issue is if they won the lawsuits, whether they would be able to collect on the court judgments against you and the answer depends on the assets you owe, the sources of your income, whether or not you are working and earning wages, and on your state of residence -- some states prohibit creditors from garnishing (taking) a person's wages in to satisfy a judgment.

If you are not working, if you own no assets or all of your assets are exempt according to the law of your state (An exempt asset is one that a creditor cannot take from you.) and if your only source of income is Social Security, SSI, and/or a military pension of some sort, then you are judgment proof. That means that even if you are sued and lose the lawsuit, the business that sued you will not be able to collect on the judgment.

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