Can Conn's appliance store sue me over a defective telivision set that is now in their possession?

by Simonne
(Houston, Texas)

I purchased a Toshiba 42 inch television from Conn's in Houston Texas in February 2009. The Television just stopped working in May 2011. The store stated my "2 year warranty just ran out a few months earlier and I would have to pay $108.00 to have one of their techs look at it plus parts and labor to have it repaired. My other option was to get approved for another tv and pay for both of them if I couldn't afford to get the 1st one repaired.

After researching the issue, it was going to cost over 300.00 just for the part, a Power Source. I could not afford the repairs and did voluntary return to the store. Now they are continuously harassing me for the balance $824.00. I sent a certified letter detailing the issue to Corporate office in Beaumont Tx but got no response. A week and 1/2 later got a "telegram" from Dallas Tx. collections threatening other action if I do not agree to a payment plan. Can they sue for a tv they have in their possession.

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Oct 17, 2011
Returning collateral

Reply from

Unfortunately, voluntarily returning the collateral for a loan doesn't necessarily mean you are off the hook for the debt. It would be the same kind of situation as if your car kept breaking down and you returned it to the auto lender. They wouldn't have to accept the car and stop collecting the amount due.

We're not attorneys and can't give you legal advice but you may want to consider trying to settle this debt if you can come up with a lump sum they will agree to accept as payment in full. If you do, be sure to get any agreement in writing.

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