Can Collectors Take My Wifes Car?

by edin

Can collectors take my wife's car, if i owe credit card money?

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Nov 09, 2010
debt and your wifes car
by: Gerri


First of all, a collection agency can't just take your car because you can't pay your credit card debt. They must first take you to court and get a judgment, then try to enforce that judgment by whatever means are legal in your state. Secondly, if your wife's car is only in her name it is probably safe even if they get a judgment against you.

(I assume this isn't a credit union credit card and they don't also hold the note on the car. If that's the case, you'll need to talk with an attorney. Some credit unions use cross collateralization clauses that assign the collateral to more than one loan.)

If the debt collector has threatened to take your wife's car if you don't pay the credit card debt, you should talk with an attorney right away to find out if that threat is legal.

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